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Location: Online Zoom Session

The PSG Debt Coaching/Consulting Master Class is a 4-part curriculum that teaches PSG Certified Coaches and PSG Debt Consultants how to perform a debt payoff analysis with algorithm-based software and share the results with prospective clients. The course addresses the client development and “how-to” aspects of the sale, as well as the concepts and technical challenges most-often faced by coaches/consultants.

This course is training for onboarding PSG Debt Consultants and PSG Coach Candidates.

Part One: May 4, 2021.   8:00PM-9:00PM EDT.   Topics:  Career Building in Financial Literacy and Coaching

Part Two: May 11, 2021.  8:00PM-9:00PM EDT.  Topics: Client Rapport and Performing a Debt-Payoff Analysis

Part Three: May 18, 2021.  8:00PM-9:00PM EDT.  Topics: Overcoming Challenges and Addressing Unique Client Debt Situations

Part Four: May 25, 2021.  8:00PM-9:00PM EDT.  Topics: Practical Assessment and Exercises