A Word About Banks:

BANKS are not your friend.  In 2018, the average savings account paid 0.08% interest in this country.  That’s less than 1/10th of a percent.  Meanwhile, the bank averaged earnings of 5% on your deposited dollar.  Do the math, the banks earned 6250% more than you did on the same dollars.

But banks overall profits averaged 28%.  How?  One way was charging NSF fees on overdraft transactions.  How much?  $30 billion in 2018.  That’s FREE money to the bank… taken from people who had NO money.

And, as you can see from the attached interest rate photo, some banks charge an interest rate of almost 1/3 of the principal balance per year.  What does that translate to?  Borrow $9,000 and pay $3,000 per year on it.

What’s the effect?  Even if you can manage to make the minimum payments, the recurring interest causes your cash flow to be choked.  INTEREST is how banks manipulate and control you.

Why is INTEREST such an effective tool for the banks to use?  Because it’s invisible.  You don’t see future interest on your statement each month.  It doesn’t exist until time passes.  It’s a fictional number, but keeps becoming “real” each month as it is charged to you.  It’s nothing but money you give away, with nothing to show for it.

PLEASE… for your sake… for your family’s sake… for your future retirement’s sake… Learn more about this.  Have me run your free analysis to see how much interest you can knock off of your debt using the same techniques the banks use.  You have nothing to lose but your debt!